Restaurant Opera Samfaina

We buil and create several places inside this unique gourmet restaurant Opera Samfaina  at the Liceu Theatre of Barcelona. Client Surreal Lab. Barcelona 2016.

Construction, texture and paint rock cave simulating the Mediterranean coast.

artistas-de-cemento treball-per-liceu rocks-for-restaurante cueva-opera-sanfaina cueva-en-sanfaina


Construction imitating the low lands of a vineyard for a wine bar deco

imitacion-tierra-con-mortero-txt proyeccion-cemento-imitando-un-bajotierra


restaurante-imitacion-cava          sota-terra-txt

Construction of indoor fountain and sinks to be covered with mosaics. Collaboration with Magdalena Serna´s  mosaic work.

Men bathrooms

opera-samfaina     artistic-vessel-sink   vessel-sinks

Women bathrooms.

arte-con-mosaico             cascada-con-mosaico



carla-bossi-txt           francecs-fuste


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