“Art and Woman”, exhibition at Centre Civic Barceloneta. 2015

In a collective exhubition in March, the Woman´s month, we celebrate this annual exhibition to rethink gender, feminism, woman and body.

Centre Cívico Barceloneta.  2015


Carla bossi work  is an installation with construction elements typical of a working place, in this case painted in pink. Representing woman can work sames as men. Work dosen´t have gender.

“Construction, expansion and remodeling” . 2015

carla-bossi obra-feministamujer-en-la-construccion

Francesc Fusté ´s work is a sculpture  in poliester resin imitating the gas bottles. Woman and men are different in the  outside but equal in the inside.

“Same energy”.

esucultura de generofrancesc fustefrancesc-fuste-saus

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